APSFcon welcomes everyone. Accessibility accommodations are a vital part of ensuring a safe and enjoyable convention. If you have suggestions for improvements or if you would like to see additional supports, please contact us at

  • The facility’s conference rooms and rest rooms are on the ground floor and second floor, with wide hallways. Program takes place both on the first and second floor, with large program events in the main venue on the first floor. The vendor area is located on the West Plaza outside of the main building. Two Green Rooms for VIPs are on the second floor; if you are allowed access to these rooms, the convention will tell you how to find them.
  • Each conference room will have a wide aisle and taped-off spaces reserved for scooter and wheelchair parking. There will also be forward seating reserved for those who need it. Please respect the signs.
  • There are elevators and escalators in the building to help you get to the different levels of APSFcon, but we must warn you that the walkways outside of the building may not be easy to travel in a wheelchair or scooter.

We strongly encourage all attendees to treat one another with thoughtfulness and respect, and to follow these guidelines:

  • Make way for people with mobility impairments and respect the lines around reserved audience spaces and the handicapped seating signs. If you stop to chat in the hallway, make sure that you leave plenty of space for both people and scooters to pass. Remember that not all mobility impairments are visible.
  • If you see someone who you believe needs assistance, offer to help – but please wait for them to accept before taking action. Do not touch or move another person’s belongings or equipment or touch people to guide them unless they explicitly ask you to do so.

If you have any feedback on these efforts or suggestions for improvements, please email